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This collection of photographs was made available by Nelson Pelton,Great Grandson of Private Pelton.  Clarence was the oldest of 12 children.  Clarence was also one of the first engineers to take classes at Henry Ford's school in Michigan to learn how to be an auto mechanic.  When Ford first started producing cars, Clarence traveled all the way from New York to Michigan and back by boat.

Oldest son Malcolm Pelton's recollections of his father's service in WWI Service, recorded August 2, 2015

Clarence somewhere in France with an unidentified  women, possibly a Red Cross worker.

Private Clarence Elijah Pelton

Clarence Pelton was a blacksmith during the war.  He recalled that everything had to be pulled by horse and wagon, and his job was to fix the wagons when they broke down.  He was tasked to make new parts and fix the steel rims around the wheels, which had wooden spokes.

Clarence never really spoke much about his time in the service but remembered that during his time in France the mud ways always up to their knees.  

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