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Medals belonging to Colonel Richard T Ellis.

Commander of the 50th Artillery CAC

French Legion of Honor and US Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster. 

Photos courtesy of the Battlefield Museum

After boarding the USS Charleston for the voyage home, each man was given a life preserver and informed that it should be worn for the entire journey.  When the ship arrived back in the states, outside Hoboken, the soldiers were so excited that they threw the life preservers overboard, only to watch them all sink immediately. 

(This story was relayed to Brock D. Bierman by Henry V.B. Darlington, Jr., as told by his father.  During my interview with Henry Darlington on Sunday November 23, 2015, Mr. Darlington provided the photos uploaded to this website)

Official ID papers for 1st Lieutenant Henry VB Darlington

Courtesy of his son Henry VB Darlington, Jr.  

General Henry V.B. Darlington

Regimental Chaplin 50th CAC