The following information and photos were provided by the US Army Center of Military History Museum Support Center located at the Anniston Army Depot. Sincere thanks to Museum Curator Megan Moore for her work to preserve these special artifacts and coordinate the photography and construction documentary. 

Very Special thanks to the photographer Charlie Webb who most likely took the first images of these flags since the Great War.  

Currently, the Center of Military History holds two National Colors Flags, the Regimental Color Flag and three cord/tassels that accompanied the flags when they were mothballed after demobilization.  The grouping consists of the following:

50th Artillery - Coast Artillery Corps - Regimental History Website

National Color Wool Flag, Cord & Tassels

1. The national color made of wool bunting, Hoist 54”, Fly 70”, Quartermaster label reads that it was inspected May 7, 1918

2. The national color made of silk, Hoist 56”, Fly 70”, Handwritten date on unmarked fabric in hoist 11/9/1918

3. The regimental color made of silk, Hoist 55”, Fly 68”, Handwritten date on quartermaster label in hoist 8/14/1918

4. Cord/Tassel made of silk 114”
5. Cord/Tassel made of silk 114"

6. Cord/Tassel made of wool 106"

National Color Silk Flag, Cord & Tassels

50th Artillery CAC Regimental Colors