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Joseph Osgood Barrett was inducted into the United States Army on February 4th, 1918 and reported to the Jefferson Barracks located on the Mississippi River at Lemay, Missouri, just south of St. Louis.  Assigned to the 4th Company Key West, Barrett was then trained at Fort Monroe US Army, Coast Artillery Corps from April until July.

After attending school at Fort Monroe, Barrett was assigned as a Master Gunner to the 50th Artillery CAC, Headquarters Company.  The 50th Artillery, CAC was formed in June 1918 and commanded by Colonel Richard Ellis, entered basic training at Camp Eustis, prepared for disembarkation at Camp Stuart before leaving aboard the SS America at Newport News, Virginia.

Barrett’s served in Headquarters Company throughout his service in the 50th Artillery regiment and was honorably discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa on March 7, 1919.  This information along with the following photographs, letters and other records were provided by Joseph Granddaughter, Jennie Clarke.  The publishers are extremely grateful for her rich contributions to help tell the story of the 50th and keep their service alive for future generations. 

Josesph Osgood Barrett

Master Gunner

50th Artillery CAC sailing home aboard the USS Charleston

Barracks 5-B