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Honor Roll

Headquarters Company, 50th Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps

The following list is the most comprehensive roster for all those men who served in the Headquarters Company, 50th Artillery CAC.  It is based on ship manifest logs both sailing to France and then returning home, along with some information from Regimental records. If there was a member of the Company that join in France and also left the Company while in France, their name might not be listed.

The list starts with the Officers, moving down by rank, Company and Battery.  The order is generally listed as seen on the ship log from the SS America, with some deviation.  Those who transferred into the unit after arriving in France are listed toward the bottom.  Stay tuned for changes..


Headquarters Company 1 Cunningham William Augustine Captain Cunningham John W. Father 193A Schaeffer St. Brooklyn New York 30 Oct 1882 18243 New York

Headquarters Company 2 Johnson Alward Lee Captain 7165 CAC Casual Johnson Cordelia J. Wife 2415 18th St. N.W. Washington DC 30 Jan 1881 18597 Washington DC

Headquarters Company 3 Hoppe Earl Roy 1st Lieut. 7178 CAC Casual Hoppe Paul Father 440 Beech St. Abline  Texas 5 Sep 1893 12171 Texas

Headquarters Company 4 Kinney Raymond H.S. 1st Lieut. 7126 CAC Casual Kinney Mrs. G.O. Mother 4118 Agua Vista St. Oakland California

Headquarters Company 5 Abrams John McCelland 1st Lieut. 7047 G-3 HQ Co 1st Army Corps Abrams Edward E Father Butler Pennsylvania 1 Feb 1894 32182 Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 6 Lumley Charles Swain 1st Lieut. 7136 232nd Company MP Corps Lumley Mrs. Charles Mother 74 Ridge St. Fall River Massachusetts 14 Dec 1896 Belper, Derbyshire, England

Headquarters Company 7 Robinson Fred B. 1st Lieut. Davis Earl Friend Grinnell Kansas

Headquarters Company 8 Whited Norman Wilmer 1st Lieut. Whited John West Father Hawthorne Pennsylvania 2 Aug 1888 28673 Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 9 Daugherty John George 1st Lieut. 7129 230th Company MP Corps Daughterty Alice M. Wife 15 Home Pl. Pheobus Virginia 17 Apr 1891 25618 Kentuckey

Headquarters Company 10 Fisher Marion Nimmo 1st Lieut. 7057 CAC Casual Fisher Sarah R. Wife 1610 Park Ave. Richmond Virginia 25 Sep 1890 28740 Richmond, VA

Headquarters Company 11 Goodrich William H. 1st Lieut. 43581 CAC Casual Goodrich Mrs. H.C. Mother 70 Virginia Ave. Salt Lake City Utah

Headquarters Company 12 Beale Harry Browne 1st Lieut. 7056 CAC Casual Beale Isabel Mother 9 Glouchester Apts Portsmouth Virginia 31 Mar 1896 31875 Virginia

Never join unit 3 Headquarters Company 13 Gayle Richard B. 1st Lieut. Gayle Mr. L.T. Father 28 N. Dinwiddie St. Portsmouth Virginia

Headquarters Company 14 Boscow Arthur R. 1st Lieut. Boscow Mrs. L.F. Mother 466 E. Broadway Portland  Oregon 30 Oct 1895 30281 Oregon

Headquarters Company 15 Beaumont Charles Rawling 1st Lieut. Beaumont William B. Father 2106 Brookfield Ave. Baltimore  Maryland 18 Dec 1894 18793 Maryland

Headquarters Company 16 Plummer Charles E. 2nd Lieut. 7129 230th Company MP Corps Plummer O.C. henry 91 Main St. Haverhill Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 17 King Robert F. 2nd Lieut. 7136 232nd Company MP Corps King D.A. Father R.R. 1 Greenup Illinois

Headquarters Company 18 Gannon Wallace Allyn 2nd Lieut. Gannon Ruth T. Wife 181  North 7th St. Newark New Jersey 17 Aug 1892 26614 Chicago, Illinois

Headquarters Company 19 Gustaveson John Warren 2nd Lieut. Gustaveson John P. Father Box #258 Norfolk Virginia 24 Feb 1896 28062 Manhatten, New York

Headquarters Company 20 Charles John K. 2nd Lieut. 7035 CAC Casual Charles G.C. Father Big Rock Virginia 3 Apr 1893 34848 Virginia Missed America came over on Antigone 

Headquarters Company 21 McClosky David Byron 2nd Lieut. McClosky Mrs. David B. Wife North Plymouth Massachusetts 4 Feb 1879 13172 Clinton, Pennsylvania

NCO's & Enlisted men

Headquarters Company 1 Gast William Michael, Jr 693812 Sgt. Maj. Gast William Father 812 Island Ave. McKees Rocks Pennsylvania 27 Dec 1892 21284 Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 2 Davis Leroy Ellsworth 614070 Sgt. Maj. Davis William C. Father 62 Hawes St. Central Falls Rhode Island 24 Aug 1892 28471 Natick, Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 3 Eicher Charles D. 612084 Sgt. Maj. Eicher Mrs. Mary Mother 408 Hester St. Carbondale Illinois

Headquarters Company 4 Jones Foster Whyburg 614401 Sgt. Maj. Jones Mrs. William H. Mother 1344 W. 6th St. Wilmington Delaware 19 Feb 1894 19202 Wilmington, Delaware

 Headquarters Company 5 Miller Robert N. 837846 Sgt. Maj. Miller Mrs. Alice Mother 1185 North Kenmore Los Angeles California

Headquarters Company 6 Turner Robert 586619 1st Sgt. Turner Nathaniel Father 8 Stanhope St. Providence Rhode Island 8 Dec 1894

Headquarters Company 7 Cady Stanley Hurlbutt 693865 Elec. Sgt. Cady Louis E. Father Spencerport New York 23748

Headquarters Company 8 Crim Leroy Caverly 693873 Elec. Sgt. Crim Adelaide Sister 1123 Bayport Place Far Rockaway New York 2 Aug 1888 1947 Richfield Springs, New york

Died in Service 5 Headquarters Company 9 Nutt Walter Leroy 693841 Elec. Sgt. Nutt Mary W. Mother 347 Olden Ave. Trenton New Jersey 6858 New Jersey 10 October 1918, Base Hospital Newport New, Virginia

Headquarters Company 10 Rosenberg Walter D. 693956 Elec. Sgt. Rosenberg Minnie Hofheimer Mother 444 Main St. Norfolk Virginia 23 Feb 1895 28088 Virginia

Headquarters Company 11 Barrett Joseph  Osgood 721766 Mstr. Gnr. Barrett William Father Browns Valley Minnesota 16 Sep 1896 Minnesota

Headquarters Company 12 Clarkson Albert Batchelder 614411 Mstr. Gnr. Clarkson Edward H. Father 41 Twng St. Newburyport Massachusetts 6 Jul 1895 24442 Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 13 Ducas George M. 623713 Mstr. Gnr. Ducas Calliope M. Mother Wathy Samos Greece 2 Dec 1888 Greece

Transfer to 45th 5 Headquarters Company 14 Pritchett Henry C. 694000 Mstr. Gnr. Pritchett John E. Father 908 Velvin St. San Marcos Texas

Headquarters Company 15 Burson Nathan 824098 Radio Sgt. Burson Fern R. Wife 231 East 12th St. Long Beach California

Headquarters Company 16 Garrison Leslie Frank 728602 Radio Sgt. Garrison Martha  Mother West Texas 26 May 1893 25253 Tennessee

Headquarters Company 17 Newsom James B. 622862 Radio Sgt. Newsom Willie B.  Mother R.F.D. #2 Donie Texas

Headquarters Company 18 O'Daniel Oris Leroy 694068 Radio Sgt. O'Daniel Julia H. Wife 1410 E. 4th Street Chartlotte North Carolina 21 Nov 1892 16407 North Carolina

Headquarters Company 19 Petran Paul H. 612788 Radio Sgt. Petran Henry J. Father 226 Fountain St. Albert Lee Minnesota 11 Nov 1895 30438 Albert Lea, Minnesota

Headquarters Company 20 Rhoades John B. 693753 Radio Sgt. Rhoades John B. Father 244 Grand Ave. Aurora Illinois 6 Aug 1894 28517 Illinois

Headquarters Company 21 Rolbiecki Joseph  J. 725970 Radio Sgt. Rolbiecki Peter Brother 1163 N. Water St. Milwaukee Wisconsin 4 Apr 1893 14692 Wisconsin

Headquarters Company 22 Sandretto Paul J.B. 824555 Radio Sgt. Sandretto Eugene J. Father Fosteria California Abt 1897 9066 Italy

Headquarters Company 1 Hill Frank T. 588468 Supp. Sgt. Hill Abbey F. Mother 494 Thames St. Bristol Rhode Island 1882 Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 2 Kilmartin John D. 588916 Mess. Sgt. Kilmartin Mary Mother 71 Goddard St. Providence Rhode Island

Transfer to 45th Headquarters Company 3 Reese Harrison T. 721623 Sgt. Dossy Alice Sister R.F.D. #2 Ladonia Texas

Headquarters Company 4 Johnston Samuel 586074 Sgt. Johnston George Brother 977 Robbeson Ave. Springfield Missouri

Headquarters Company 5 Stedenfeld Max B. 588595 Sgt. Stedenfeld Lelia G. Wife 298 Union St. New Bedford Massachusetts 15 Jul 1889 25 Ap 1963 Ohio

Headquarters Company 6 Huey Ed T. 837243 Sgt. Huey Anna Wife Mill Creek Oklahoma

Headquarters Company 7 Hopkins John Foster 837872 Sgt. Hopkins Matha L. Mother 322 West Ave. #54 Los Angeles California 14 Jul 1897 26463

Headquarters Company 8 Hatch Vivian Earl 837871 Sgt. Hatch Alice M. Mother 871 West 47th St. Los Angeles California 9 Sep 1895 25394 Missouri

Headquarters Company 9 English Maurice J. 837330 Sgt. English Verdene T. Wife 246 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach California

Headquarters Company 10 McCollum Thomas M. 721570 Sgt. 7140 231 Company MP Corps McCollum Mildred Wife 1206 Tampa St. Tampa Florida

Headquarters Company 11 Boyd Walter Theophitis 598902 Sgt. Boyd Fanny Mother General Delivery Sparta Illinois 25 Dec 1897 24881 Illinois

Headquarters Company 12 Smith Frank J. 627722 Sgt. Smith Anna E. Mother 310 East 140th St. New York New York

Headquarters Company 13 Lander Stan 599017 Sgt. Lander Alma T. Wife Lindsborg Kansas\

Transferred to Batt  C 7 Headquarters Company 14 Noack Ernest J. 584481 Sgt. 6972 Transferred to Bat C 50th Noack Anna Mother 47 Talcott St. Hartford Connecticut

Headquarters Company 15 Cooke Robert D. 588455 Sgt. Cooke Edith C. Wife 58 Collins St. Bristol Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 16 Trudell Henry P. 588494 Sgt. Trudell Nelson Father 156 Mt. Hope Ave. Bristol Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 17 Weeks Gerald R. 409524 Sgt. Weeks Caroline R. Mother 184 Vreeland Ave. Nutley New Jersey

Headquarters Company 18 Wachowiak Frank H. 588604 Sgt. Wachowiak John Father 442 S. Grant St. South Bend Indiana

Headquarters Company 19 Shea Henry  J. Jr. 408357 Sgt. Shea Margaret  Mother 903 Second St. Maysville Kentucky 27 May 1898 32438 Kentucky

Headquarters Company 20 Moudy Harold A. 440780 Sgt. Moudy Charles W. Father 1032 N. Perry St. Napoleun Ohio

Headquarters Company 21 Rehm William Charles 585146 Sgt. Rehm Minnie Mother Washington Ave. Meridan Connecticut 5 Mar 1898 25416 Connecticut

Headquarters Company 22 Perry Frederick Talmage 586079 Cpl. Perry Myra Wife General Delivery Newark New Jersey 8 Aug 1884 North Carolina

Headquarters Company 23 Ruyle Lee 586170 Cpl. Ruyle Wesley Brother General Delivery Kansas City Missouri

Headquarters Company 24 Ramsay Lester Ellis 587487 Cpl. Spring Cora B. Mother 96 Roberta Ave. Woonsocket Rhode Island 1 Aug 1897 21431 Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 25 St. John Joseph  587490 Cpl. St. John Amelia Mother 204 Coe St. Woonsocket Rhode Island 17 Jun 1894 Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 26 St. John Wilfred 587486 Cpl. St. John Amelia Mother 204 Coe St. Woonsocket Rhode Island 22 Apr 1896 24394 Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 27 Underhill Leonard 722871 Cpl. Underhill Lula  Mother Lakeland Florida 18 Aug 1895 22137 Florida

Headquarters Company 28 Shrode Earl Ova 584991 Cpl. Shrode Minnie Mother 2013 E. Nevada St. Evansville Indiana 12 Feb 1893 23173 Indiana

Headquarters Company 29 McCann Earl C. 584964 Cpl. McCann Thomas Father Coggon Iowa 26 Jan 1894 19720 Iowa

Headquarters Company 30 Ross Charles Henry 587506 Cpl. Ross Margaret P. Wife 935 N. Main St. Providence Rhode Island 9 Dec 1882 Rhode Island Canada

Headquarters Company 31 Madden Earl E. 586456 Cpl. Madden Pauline C. Wife 18 Seaman St. Providence Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 32 Todd Joe D. 721596 Cpl. Todd Molly G. Mother 911 Jackson St. Tampa Florida 18 Jul 1893 31829 Florida

Headquarters Company 33 Requet August J. 586191 Cpl. Requet Julia Mother 1849 Broadway St. Quincy Illinois 3 Sep 1894 9576 Illinois

Headquarters Company 34 Viar Bert F. 721943 Cpl. Viar Babe Mother Lenox Tennessee 28 Dec 1896 26708 Tennessee

Headquarters Company 35 Eikanas Edward E. 586221 Cpl. Eikanas Sarah Mother Langford South Dakota 4 Dec 1890 24198 South Dakota

Headquarters Company 36 Bernard August H. 721776 Cpl. Bernard August Father 228 Whittenton St. Taunton Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 37 Huskey Cecil G. 461515 Cpl. Huskey George Father Summersville Missouri 28 Apr 1896 26665 Missouri

Headquarters Company 38 Bush Harold L. 460842 Cpl. Bush Josephine Mother 1305 Broadway St. Quincy Illinois 20 Sep 1899 27303 Illinois

Headquarters Company 39 Perkins Lyman W. 1107985 Cpl. 6974 SS Agamemnon 50th CAC HQ sick Perkins Wesley B. Father Rte. 2 Box #22 Mc Kinney Texas 22 Mar 1898 33411 Texas

Headquarters Company 40 Enos Joseph  584451 Cpl. Enos Flora J. Mother 278 South 2nd St. New Bedford Massachusetts 21 Feb 1898 26074 Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 41 Brassard Emil G. 586552 Cpl. Brassard Delia Mother Paulhus Court Phoenix Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 42 Weeks Alton A. 402666 Cpl. Weeks Herbert A. Father Plainfield Vermont Vermont

Headquarters Company 43 Barrows Lowell W. 722484 Cpl. Barrows Edward I. Father R.R. #7 Columbus Indiana Indiana

Headquarters Company 44 Cook George E. 722480 Cpl. Cooke Mary Mother Bellview Tennessee Tennessee

Headquarters Company 45 Longfield Victor D. 453842 Cpl. Longfield Eliza Mother 1645 Russell Ave. SE Grand Rapids Michigan Michigan

Headquarters Company 46 Chapman Raymond G. 586555 Cpl. Chapman Mary Mother 148 Lynwood Ave. Providence Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 47 Duffy Thomas T. 588843 Cpl. Duffy Edward C. Father 47 Kepler Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 48 Estelle Arnold P. 588837 Cpl. Estelle Amelelia Mother Lakewood New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 49 Junkins Philbrook H. 439433 Cpl. Junkins Mildred Wife 1819 Francis Ave. Grand Rapids Michigan Michigan

Died on board 9 Headquarters Company 50 Decker Peter J. 721576 Cook Decker Ella Mother Kerhonkson New York 6864 New York Died aboard Ship 16 October 1918

Headquarters Company 51 Hessen John W. 606000 Cook Hessen John H. Father 24 School St. Long Island New York New York

Headquarters Company 52 Thompson Edwin B. 586708 Cook Thompson Sarah M. Wife 1160 Eddy St. Providence Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 53 Vralia Epamenondas 586640 Cook Vralia John Brother 7 S. 48th St. Philadelphia Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 54 Johnson Walter H. 721579 Mech. Johnson Belle Mother Limona Florida Florida

Headquarters Company 55 Miller Walter E. 588895 Mech. Whelen Grace Sister 89 Crescent Rd. Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 56 Senior William 587205 Mech. Senior Albert Father 68 Mechanic St. Westerly Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 57 Cain James C. 584696 Bglr. Cain Albert S. Father 623 Prospect St. Woonsocket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 58 Clark Matthew L. 588959 Bglr. Clark Mary Mother 575 Second St. South Boston Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 59 James Charles A. 454470 Bglr. St. James Eliza Mother Worthington Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 60 Gilmore Thomas K. 376329 Bglr. Gilmore Katherine V. Wife 676 60th St. Brooklyn New New York

Headquarters Company 61 Ahern Thomas P. 584699 Pfc. Ahern Bridgett Mother 43 Talcott Ave. Springfield Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 62 Cardinal Albert E. 584715 Pfc. Cardinal John R. Father 791 Main St. Springfield Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 63 Huggins Jesse P. 717694 Pfc. Huggins Olivia S. Mother R.R. #4 Hendersonville North Carolina North Carolina

Headquarters Company 64 Lanier Gus H. 585098 Pfc. Connor Abbie G. Mother 122 Thomas St. Waycross Georgia Georgia

Headquarters Company 65 Lashley Arthur R.  585099 Pfc. Lashley Amos W. Father Desarc Missouri Missouri

Headquarters Company 66 Lavoie Albert 587397 Pfc. Lavoie Napoleun E. Father 21 Comstock St. Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 67 Taylor David W. 586652 Pfc. Taylor David R. Father 62 Powhatan St. Providence Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 68 Warren John W. 586712 Pfc. Warren Mrs. Annie W. Mother 1119 Eddy St. Providence Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 69 Barnikow Edward  J. 585257 Pvt. Barnikow Mary Mother 357 East Main St.  Meridan Kentucky Kentucky

Headquarters Company 70 Baumgardner Loy F.  448447 Pvt. Baumgardner Addie Mother 1005 Lyons St.  Saginaw Michigan Michigan

Headquarters Company 71 Bellingy George E. 445677 Pvt. Bellingy Olive Mother Box 54 Lake Ann Michigan Michigan

Headquarters Company 72 Bierman Samuel R. 599751 Pvt. Bierman Herman Brother 56 W. 111th St. New York, New York

Headquarters Company 73 Bolduc Alfred B. 371675 Pvt. Liberty Marion Mother 16 Collins St. Waterville Maine Maine

Headquarters Company 74 Boyle Frank J. 588852 Pvt. Boyle Mary A. Mother 19 Highland St. Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 75 Benz Charles 384444 Pvt. Benz Gertrude Mother 14 Manhattan Ave. Jersey City New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 76 Bruno Armon 384729 Pvt. Bruno Nick Father 247 East Spruce St. Kulpmont Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Joined Reg later Headquarters Company 77 Burns William 585321 Pvt. Burns Margaret Mother 169 Morris Ave. Pawtucket Rhode Island On Board Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 78 Cannon Francis 383940 Pvt. Bauman Mary Sister 509 Hackensack Plank Rd. West Hoboken New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 79 Carone Vincent 599765 Pvt. Carone Josephine Father 841 Jennings St. New York New York New York

Headquarters Company 80 Costellano Epifano John 465014 Pvt. Costellano William Brother 637 N. Division St. Chicago Illinois 27 Nov 1887 16612 Sicily, Italy

Headquarters Company 81 Cheeseman George A. 449776 Pvt. Cheeseman Walter Father R.F.D. #2 Yale Michigan Michigan

Headquarters Company 82 Colesar Andrew 383697 Pvt. Colesar Mary Mother 19 Clay St. Phoenixville Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 83 Corrado Walter 367182 Pvt. Corrado Mary Mother 248 Randolph Ave. Jersey City New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 84 Croushore Herbert F. 440915 Pvt. Croushore Carey Mother Jeanette Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 85 Cummings Milton L. 376273 Pvt. Cummings Anna Mother 651 Putman Ave. Brooklyn New York New York

Headquarters Company 86 Czaya Walter 594945 Pvt. Czaya Anna Mother 108 Phillips Ave. New Bedford Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 87 Dahlquist Maurice G.  499773 Pvt. Dahlquist Louis Father Box #265 Cutbank Montana Montana

Headquarters Company 88 Dubbel Joseph  E. 493380 Pvt. Dubbel Edward Father Wilmot South Dakota South Dakota

Headquarters Company 89 Eames Ellis L. 451850 Pvt. Smith Edith Mother 412 West 7th St. Flint Michigan Michigan

Headquarters Company 91 Fisher Julius E. 3079184 Pvt. Fisher George Father 13355 Burley Ave. Chicago Illinois Illinois

Headquarters Company 92 Fordice John H. 492814 Pvt. Fordice Benjamin Father Shueyville Iowa Iowa

Headquarters Company 93 Frank Francisco 370879 Pvt. Frank Mary Mother 694 E. 138th St. New York New York New York

Headquarters Company 94 Frasier Leonis 3240157 Pvt. Stivers Olie Sister Bethlehem Kentucky Kentucky

Headquarters Company 95 Fuhrman Joseph  M. 628819 Pvt. Fuhrman Adam Father 670 15th St. Milwaukee Wisconsin Wisconsin

Headquarters Company 96 Fuller Clair A. 3362081 Pvt. Fuller Rose Mother Colton Ohio Ohio

Headquarters Company 97 Gadbois Ephraim A. 371379 Pvt. Gadbois Eva Mother 156 Hall St. Manchester New Hampshire New Hampshire

Headquarters Company 98 Gasdorf Robert H. 3240887 Pvt. Gasdorf Marge Wife 428 West 7th St. Newport Kentucky Kentucky

Headquarters Company 99 Geary Earl B. 375548 Pvt. Geary Phoebe Mother 62 Grove St. Carbondale Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 100 Gibson Stanley F. 383991 Pvt. Brouzouski Anna Sister 108 Hammonton St. Passaic New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 101 Haber Joseph  V. 370923 Pvt. Haber Jennie Mother 453 48th St. Brooklyn New York 26 Mar 1898 25044 New York

Headquarters Company 102 Hallet James W. 492487 Pvt. Hallet Louise Mother 502 W. Miller St. Bloomington Illinois Illinois

Headquarters Company 103 Haston Robert  C. 383769 Pvt. Haston Anna Mother 155 Parsonage St. Pittson Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 104 Hettinger Paul S. 3356490 Pvt. Hettinger Sarah Mother 112 First Ave. Altoona Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 105 Hillman John W. 492720 Pvt. Hillman Ella Mother Flak Post Office Flak Minnesota Minnesota

1 12 Headquarters Company 106 Hoglund Gustav E. 372938 Pvt. Turner William L. Friend 75 E. 55th St. New York New New York

1 12 Headquarters Company 107 Hoel Clarence E. 441052 Pvt. Hoel Nora Sister Box #294 Clarence Mercer Co. Ohio Ohio

Headquarters Company 108 Jason Seraphine P. 588632 Pvt. Jason Mary Mother 408 South 1st St. New Bedford Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 109 Jenkins David  461899 Pvt. Jenkins Ike Father Westville Illinois Illinois

Headquarters Company 110 Jennings Freal 384429 Pvt. Alexander Mertie Sister R.F.D. #49 Powell Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 111 Kann Fred B. 599738 Pvt. Kann Edward Father 661 Broadway New York City New York 30 Mar 1893 24593 New York, New York

Headquarters Company 112 Karns Ralph P. 440897 Pvt. Karns Harry Father 1253 Wyndotte Ave. Columbus Ohio Ohio

Headquarters Company 113 Karshan George 371291 Pvt. Karshan Sarah Mother 1863 Park Place Brooklyn New New York

Headquarters Company 114 Knodle Edgar L. 493438 Pvt. Knodle Ben C. Father 808 W. Lincoln Highway DeKalb Illinois Illinois

Headquarters Company 115 Koepke John C. 492617 Pvt. Koepke Ernstine Mother White Water Wisconsin Wisconsin

Headquarters Company 116 Kohn Joseph  599791 Pvt. Kohn Frank Father 1 Forest St. Winfield L.I. New York New York

Headquarters Company 117 Kokoruda Steve 369398 Pvt. Kokoruda Michel Brother 87 East 2nd St. Plymouth Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 118 Kubin Stephen E. 375514 Pvt. Kubina Agnes Mother New Wyndsor New York New York

Headquarters Company 119 Kurze John 584902 Pvt. Kurze William G.F. Father Deep River Connecticut Connecticut

Headquarters Company 120 Ladd Everette M. 431671 Pvt. Ladd Benjamin H. Father Fawler Benton Co. Indiana Indiana

Headquarters Company 121 Larrabee John L. 984296 Pvt. Larrabee Gladys H. Wife 1923 W. 5th St. Davenport Iowa Iowa

Headquarters Company 122 Lawrie Archie M. 383467 Pvt. Lawrie Christiana Mother 405 W. 48th St. New York City New York New York

Headquarters Company 123 Leyra Camilo W. 599772 Pvt. Leyra Camilo W, Father 144 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn New York New York

Headquarters Company 124 Longbon Charles D. 3361281 Pvt. Lonbon Frank D. Father R.F.D. #1 Columbia Sta. Lorain Co. Ohio Ohio

Headquarters Company 125 Magee James F. 574316 Pvt. Magee Mary  Mother 56 Mystic St. Everette Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 126 Mahoney Roy 492710 Pvt. Mahoney Mary Mother 1017 Lyman Ave. Oak Park Illinois Illinois

Headquarters Company 127 Malone Rocco 584909 Pvt. Malone Rasario Father 106 Pleasant St. Scranston Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 128 Manning John E. 384645 Pvt. Manning Katherine V. Mother 523 Lake Ave. Manchester New Hampshire New Hampshire

Headquarters Company 129 Mayleben Alphonse 3241031 Pvt. Mayleben Rose Mother 730 Lewis St. Covington Kentucky Kentucky

Headquarters Company 130 Marshak Herman 585318 Pvt. Marshak Rose Mother 123 West Main St. Norwich Connecticut Russian Jew Connecticut

Headquarters Company 131 McGill Hugh 588889 Pvt. Grant Margaret Sister 43 S. Bend St. Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island  

Headquarters Company 132 McInnis David C. 2902351 Pvt. McInnis Sarah M. Mother Geneva Alabama Alabama

Headquarters Company 133 McPheeters Ralph C. 2902524 Pvt. McPheeters Lincoln A. Father Americus Georgia Georgia

Headquarters Company 134 McKenna Leo T. 585577 Pvt. McKenna Alice R. Mother 28 Middle St. Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 135 Mende Alfred O 383431 Pvt. Mende Oswald H. Father 166 Laurel Ave. Irvington New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 136 Method Victor H. 448439 Pvt. Moore Minnie Mother 100 E. North Union St. Bay City Bay Co. Michigan Michigan

Headquarters Company 137 Mooney William J. 384030 Pvt. Mooney Mary Mother 367 East 144th St. New York New York New York

Headquarters Company 138 Moran John H. 370125 Pvt. Moran Lillian Mother 288 Hamburg Ave. Brooklyn New York New York

Headquarters Company 139 Morgan Richard R 383251 Pvt. Morgan Richard Father Morrisdale Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 140 Obert Henry F 383517 Pvt. Obert Augusta Mother 162 Washington Ave. Hawthorne ersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 141 Obre Henry 588584 Pvt. Obre Charles Brother General Delivery Detroit Michigan Michigan4

Headquarters Company 142 O'Neill Thomas J. 441216 Pvt. Crawford Anna Sister 119 Cleveland St. Youngstown Ohio Ohio

Headquarters Company 143 Parker Joseph  E. 440188 Pvt. Poynor Sadie Sister R.F.D. #1 Elberta Michigan Michigan

Headquarters Company 144 Peacock William M. 587441 Pvt. Peacock Anna M. Mother 181 Cameron St. Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 145 Perry Warren H. 588894 Pvt. Perry Claude W. Father 37 Allen Ave. Pawtucket Rhode Island Rhode Island

Headquarters Company 146 Pinkham Clarence F 384647 Pvt. Pinkham Charles Brother 8 Thayers Court Nashua New Hampshire New Hampshire

Headquarters Company 147 Prause William G.  599579 Pvt. Prause Theodore Father Firthcliff New York New York

Headquarters Company 148 Proper Leo A. 376294 Pvt. Proper Reuben M. Father Wattsburg Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 149 Rea Noel B. 485458 Pvt. Rea Clara Mother Tracy Minnesota Minnesota

Headquarters Company 150 Reef Bryan W. 371180 Pvt. Reef Berthal E. Brother Fairview Butler Co. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 151 Rhoby Jesse D. 3070808 Pvt. Rhoby Louise Mother 120 Franklin St. Muncie Indiana Indiana

Headquarters Company 152 Roderick Antone 594932 Pvt. Roderick Mary Mother 224 S. Front St. New Bedford Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 153 Rogers Stephen D. 381008 Pvt. Rogers Ralph Father Raymond New Hampshire New Hampshire

Headquarters Company 154 Roggenbock George J. 599249 Pvt. Roggenbock Mary Mother Milbank South Dakota South Dakota

Headquarters Company 155 Rothlisberger Forest Frederick 441010 Pvt. Rothlisberger George Father R.F.D. #3 Box 8 New Martinsville West Virginia 20 Oct 1896 28558 West Virginia

Headquarters Company 156 Rossman Randall L. 371161 Pvt. Rossman George W. Father Center St. Wesleyville Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 157 Rouse Earl DeForest 584907 Pvt. Rouse Grace M. Mother 73 Rose St. New Haven Connecticut 2 Dec 1896 Connecticut

Headquarters Company 158 Running Oscar B. 483729 Pvt. Running Anna Mother P.O. 134 Ashby Minnesota Minnesota

Headquarters Company 159 Schmidt Edward 599167 Pvt. Schmidt Amelia  Mother 108 East 122nd St. New York City New York 1897 New York

Headquarters Company 160 Shroeder Edward J. 376271 Pvt. Shroeder Joseph P. Father 627 Chamber St. Trenton New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 161 Shaffer Herbert J. 371342 Pvt. Shaffer Adelmyer Father 131 Oliver St. Jersey Shore Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 162 Shopp Samuel A. 430050 Pvt. Zorger Daniel H. Guardian 409 Kelker St. Harrisburg Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 163 Shultz John E. 493249 Pvt. Schultz Louis Father R.F.D. #2 Columbus Kansas Kansas

Headquarters Company 164 Sipes Ollin W. 3070690 Pvt. Sipes Cora B. Sister Blytheville Arkansas Arkansas

Headquarters Company 165 Sloan James S. 3078329 Pvt. Sloan James Father General Delivery Biggsville Illinois  Illinois

Headquarters Company 166 Smith Clifton C. 386299 Pvt. Smith Kate B. Mother 32 School St. Montpelier Vermont Vermont

Headquarters Company 167 Smith Vernon L. 3077178 Pvt. Smith Lula  Mother 5205 Union Ave. S. Tacoma Washington Washington

Headquarters Company 168 Smith Edgar G.  2901058 Pvt. Smith Isaac Father 805 Almon Ave. Pratt City Alabama Alabama

Transfer to 45th 16 Headquarters Company 169 Snyder Ross H. 3079296 Pvt. Snyder William H. Father Box #79 Coffeen Illinois Illinois

Transfer to 45th 16 Headquarters Company 170 Sohn Victor E. 3076154 Pvt. Sohn Teresa Mother Morrelton Missouri Missouri

Headquarters Company 171 Spencer Raymond Albert 461795 Pvt. Spencer Charles R. Father Highmore South Dakota 14 Feb 1885 South Dakota

Headquarters Company 172 Stanfield Dean C. 3075072 Pvt. Stanfield John C,. Father Iroquios South Dakota South Dakota

Headquarters Company 173 Sternal John 3078286 Pvt. Sternal George Father 2801 Wellington St. Duluth Minnesota Aug 1898 1946 Minnesota

Headquarters Company 174 Stone William 371028 Pvt. Schwatt Dr. Herman Friend 1215 12 15 Madison Ave. New York City New York Apr 1897 Minsk Russia

Headquarters Company 175 Stoy George William 3071965 Pvt. Stoy Elizabeth Mother 837 South Maffit St. Decatur Illinois 30 Dec 1896 35056 Illinois

Headquarters Company 176 Swanson James K.L. 462594 Pvt. Swanson Agnes Wife Lindstrome Minnesota 17 Dec 1897 28268 Minnesota

Headquarters Company 177 Spaulding George Edward 384644 Pvt. Spaulding Mary Mother 183 A. Beech St. Manchester New Hampshire 12 Sep 1896 26812 New Hampshire

Headquarters Company 178 Splitstone Frank R. 383958 Pvt. Splitstone Carrie Wife 238 West 8th St. Erie Pennsylvania 22 May 1884 22766 Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 179 Stapleton Edward R. 381000 Pvt. Stapleton Edward  Father 211 Briscoll Ave. Syracuse New York 1898 New York

Headquarters Company 180 Stewart Austin D. 370106 Pvt. Stewart Don Father Margaretsville New York New York

Headquarters Company 181 Slota Samuel J. 383997 Pvt. Slota Steven Father 48 Clinton St. Yonkers New York 1899 New York

Headquarters Company 182 Talus Andrew O. 3075327 Pvt. Talus Mike Father 204 W. Bitch St. Chisholm Minnesota  20540 Minnesota

Headquarters Company 183 Tando James Ralph 3076095 Pvt. Hammond Eva Mother 608 E. West St. Joplin Missouri 5 Jan 1897 19212 Iowa

Transfer to 45th 17 Headquarters Company 184 Tangjerd Harold R. 3078613 Pvt. Tangjerd Laurita G. Father R.F.D. #2 Bagley Minnesota Minnesota

Headquarters Company 185 Taromala Walter 3072046 Pvt. Husych Frank Friend Dickinson North Dakota North Dakota

Headquarters Company 186 Taylor Thomas F. 2901175 Pvt. Taylor Robert S. Father R.F.D. #1 McShan Alabama Alabama

Transfer to 45th 17 Headquarters Company 187 Tempfer Joe W. 3071805 Pvt. Tempfer Joseph Father Weir Kansas Kansas

Headquarters Company 188 Thinnelk Francis 3072010 Pvt. Thinnelk Henry Father Rosebud South Dakota South Dakota

Headquarters Company 189 Thinnes Jacob T. 386063 Pvt. Thinnes Henry Father 2008 Howell St. Camden New Jersey New Jersey

Headquarters Company 190 Thomas Alfred Logan 462313 Pvt. Thomas John E. Father Laredo Missouri 24 May 1897 12355 Missouri

Transfer to 45th 17 Headquarters Company 191 Thomas Joseph  M. 3071801 Pvt. Thomas Lem H. Father R.R. #5 Marshall Missouri Missouri

Headquarters Company 192 Threlkeld Calbin B. 2901686 Pvt. Threlkeld Mary Ann Mother Ochlocknee Georgia Georgia

Died in Service Headquarters Company 193 Towner Elmer R. 3071031 Pvt. Towner John Father Trempealeau Wisconsin Wisconsin, Died of Influenza, 20 October 118 Embarkation Hospital Camp Stuart 

Headquarters Company 194 Townzen John W. 3079138 Pvt. Townzen John F. Father Bokosha Oklahoma Oklahoma

Headquarters Company 195 Tucker Walter G. 2901347 Pvt. Tucker Jim F. Father 212 Livingstone St. Florence Alabama Alabama

Headquarters Company 196 Tumlin Robert Y. 2900531 Pvt. Tumlin Will B. Father R.F.D. #9 Cookville Tennessee Tennessee

Headquarters Company 197 Tunem Alfred 3071225 Pvt. Tunem Jacob Uncle Clarkfield Minnesota Minnesota

Headquarters Company 198 Tvedt Thomas A. 3078841 Pvt. Tvedt Sigred Mother Sherman South Dakota 7 Jun 1896 26559 Minnesota

Headquarters Company 199 Totten Howard B. 383558 Pvt. Totten Cora Mother Jefferson New York 1897 New York

Headquarters Company 200 Ungvarsky William J. 370756 Pvt. Ungvarsky John Father 28 Garfield St. Yonkers New York 391 29677 New York

Died in Service Headquarters Company 201 Varin Napoleun R. 3077374 Pvt. Varin Georgiana Mother Brooks Minnesota 6859 11 October 1918 Base Hospital, Newport News, Virginia

Headquarters Company 202 Virta Juho A. 361178 Pvt. Virta Matilda Wife 242 Pine St. Gardner Massachusetts Massachusetts

Headquarters Company 203 Wagner Adam W. 3077277 Pvt. Wagner Joseph G. Father 3119 3rd St. North Minneapolis Minnesota 1898 Minnesota

Headquarters Company 204 Walker William Boyd 2901698 Pvt. Walker Mollie W. Mother Route #1 Tyler Alabama 10 Jan 1897 23327 Alabama

Headquarters Company 205 Wann Ralph S. 493151 Pvt. Wann Frank Father Oxford Indiana 22 Aug 1896 31634 Illinois

Headquarters Company 206 Wasilewski Joseph  371780 Pvt. Wasilewski Mary Mother 4633 Edgemont St. Philadelphia Pennsylvania 57 22077 Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 207 Weber Harold B. 3078370 Pvt. Weber Jacob J. Father 309 Short St. Belleville Illinois 22 Oct 1898 12401 Illinois

Headquarters Company 208 Whitacker Sydney 3076146 Pvt. Whitacker William Father Witt Illinois Illinois

Headquarters Company 209 Wilder Charles W. 3079190 Pvt. Wilder William K. Father 226 E. William St. Fort Wayne Indiana 17 Apr 1897 26054 Indiana

Headquarters Company 210 Willis George 3071788 Pvt. Willis Mollie A. Mother R.F.D. #2 Slater Missouri Missouri

Headquarters Company 211 Willis Benjamin Q. 2901267 Pvt. Willis R.P. Uncle Cordle Georgia Georgia

Headquarters Company 212 Winsor Byron E. 3077276 Pvt. Winsor Harry Father 209 South Main St. Batesville Indiana 1898 Indiana

Headquarters Company 213 Winterbotton Henry Ratcliffe 389837 Pvt. Winterbotton Albert Father 12 Church St. Nashua New Hampshire 24 May 1897 23734 England

Transfer to Infantry 18 Headquarters Company 214 Winters William J.B. 389931 Pvt. Winters Eugene J. Father 113 South Main St. Athens Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 215 Wirz Otto D. 3071554 Pvt. Wirz Kate Mother Cuba Missouri 8 Oct 1896 26196 Missouri

Headquarters Company 216 Woken Ingwold Bertram 496519 Pvt. Woken John Father Atwater Minnesota 25 Nov 1896 12887 North Dakota

Headquarters Company 217 Worden George B. 307880 Pvt. Worden John  Father Squires Missouri Missouri

Headquarters Company 218 Worley Delbert J. 3079172 Pvt. Sargent Irvin Uncle 812 Polk St. Gary Indiana Indiana

Headquarters Company 219 Worster Roland 390483 Pvt. Worster Edith Mother 14 Maple St. Hornell New York 1897 1969 New York

Headquarters Company 220 Woodworth Irving  J. 439997 Pvt. Woodworth Ellen Mother R.F.D. #3 Stanton Michigan 27 Jan 1898 30355 Michigan

Headquarters Company 221 Young Delbert  W. 440796 Pvt. Young Minnie Mother 119 Howard Ave. Altoona Blair Co Pennsylvania 1901 19935 Pennsylvania

Headquarters Company 222 Zapp Edmund Lukens 378456 Pvt. Zapp Katherine Mother 300 Newark New Jersey 08 Aug 1896 New Jersey

Headquarters Company 223 Zink Maurice Alvin 492671 Pvt. Zink Joseph Father Wessington Springs South Dakota 5 23408 South Dakota

Joined HQ Company after arriving in France - Returned on USS Charleston

Transfer from Supply Company Swainhardt Roy Hovey 726709 Sgt. Major HQRS CO 50CAC Peebles Mrs. C.E. Sister Box 38 Shreve Ohio 14 Jun 1890 29018 Kansas Was with Supply Company as Sgt. Major in 1918

Transfer from 74th Headquarters Company Franulo Mark 609631 Asst. Band Leader HQRS CO 50CAC Franulo Anna Mother Blato Bosnia Came over with 74th on Grant returned with 50th on Charleston

Transfer from Battery E 105 Battery E 38th Brigade 41 Loyd Clarence Wilson 605779 Sgt. Loyd Mrs. Jean Wife Fort Hancock New Jersey 19 Mar 1883 24174 Kentucky Transferred from Battery E

Transfer from Battery C 75 Headquarters Company 41 Burt Arthur W.G. 606676 Sgt. 7121 SS Frederick, Co. E 8th Inf Burt Agnes Wife 219 W. 15th St. New York New York First from Battery C and then Trans to 8th Inf returned 30 Jun 1919 SS Frederick 

Transfer from Battery A 48 Headquarters Company 41 Pruneau Joseph  588831 Sgt. HQRS CO 50CAC Pruneau Francois Father 65 Fales St. Central Falls Rhode Island 24 Jan 1894 22312 Canda Transferred from Battery A

Hasselbach Adolph 405838 Pvt 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Hasselbach Mrs Anna Mother 270 Summer Ave. Brooklyn New York Transferred from Supply & Ordnance

Sanzenbacher  Elmer D. 454934 Pvt Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Sanzenbacher Mrs Jennie Mother RFD#1 Pequa Ohio Transferred from Battery F

Scott Elmer G. 3356836 Pvt 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Scott George W. Father 1019 2nd St Lorain Ohio Transferred from Battery B

Breedlove Lewis C. 3075112 Pvt Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Darst Mrs Pearl Mother 1108 N. Walnut St. Hartford City Indiana Transferred from Battery C

Aschenbrener Edward L. 483763 Corp Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Aschenbrener Caspar Father Stratford Wisconsin Transferred from Battery E

Burns William 585321 Pvt Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Burns Mrs Margaret Mother 169 Morris Ave. Pawtucket Rhode Island Didn't make the trip over on America, returned on Charleston with HQ Company

Hamilton Chester C. 483599 Pvt 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Hamilton Stewart C. Father 601 S. Madison St. Bloomington Illinois Transferred from Battery E

Cowl Earl 598924 Pvt 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Cowl Mrs Ada Mother Columbia Roads Pennsylvania Transferred from Battery C

Simmonds Henry  M. 440854 Pvt 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Gutsew Miss Hannah F. Sister 2927 Aramingo Ave. Philadelphia Pennsylvania Transferred from Battery B

Cocklin Rea E. 3360246 Pvt 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Cocklin Mrs Furn Wife 137 E. Frederick St. Lancaster Pennsylvania Transferred from Battery A

Tremblay Albert G. 588842 Pvt 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Pinsonneault Mrs Agnes Mother 50 Garfield St. Central Falls Rhode Island Transferred from Battery A

Bomberger Lester R. 493393 Corp Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Bomberger Mrs Emma Mother 77 N. View St. Aurora Illinois Transferred from Battery B

Stephenson Ishmael L. 484441 Pvt Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Austin Frank Friend Eoland South Dakota Transferred from Battery D

McDivier Joseph L. 587581 Pvt Arty HQRS CO 50CAC McDivier Mrs Demeris Mother 127 Main St Albion Rhode Island Transferred from Battery A

Guerra  Augostino 4883328 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Guerra Matteo Father P. Salemo Altavilla Silentine, Italy   Transferred from Camp Gordon July Auto Replacement draft Company  #6 Infantry  aboard the SS Ryndam 25 Oct 1918

Fox William E. 595216 Mus 2Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Fox Mrs Cora Mother Beacon New York Transferred from 56th CAC Musician Third Class HQ Company, left 28 March 1918, SS Olympic

Williams Lawrence 435792 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Williams Mrs Hattie I Mother RFD1 Cosmen Indiana Trans. To Hosp. 33, S.O.S.

Frebault Paul E. 3357451 Band Sgt Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Frebault Mrs Ellen Mother Jacksonville Ohio Transferred from Camp Gordon July Auto Replacement draft Company  #6 Infantry  aboard the SS Ryndam 25 Oct 1918

Petrarca Carmine 393538 Mus 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Petrarca Palmerino Brother Box 10 Arctic Rhode Island Transferred from the 74th CAC left 23 Sep 1918 on President Grant Mus 3rd class

Dalbey  Milo W. 623182 Mus 2Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Dalbey William C. Father Du Quoin Illinois Transferred from 56th CAC Musician Third Class HQ Company, left 28 March 1918, SS Olympic

Horne Charles A. 493354 Mus 2Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Horne Henry Father 629 Dixon St. Stevens Point Wisconsin Transferred from Battery B

Efstration John M. 623183 Mus 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Kyros Miss Ethel Friend 199 E. Main St. Waterbury Connecticut Transferred from 56th CAC Musician Third Class HQ Company, left 28 March 1918, SS Olympic

Bowman Charles L. 4006163 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Bowman Mrs Martha W. Mother Guttenberg Iowa Transferred from Camp Gordon July Auto Replacement draft Company  #6 Infantry  aboard the SS Ryndam 25 Oct 1918

Erdman Oscar H. 2030036 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Benedum Mrs Augusta Aunt 1344 Burns Ave. Detroit Michigan Transferred from Camp Gordon July Auto Replacement draft Company  #6 Infantry  aboard the SS Ryndam 25 Oct 1918

Hinkle David R. 3499433 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Hinkle Tom O. Brother Lexington North Carolina Transferred from Camp Gordon July Auto Replacement draft Company  #6 Infantry  aboard the SS Ryndam 25 Oct 1918

Derosier Hervey 589279 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Derosier Joseph Father 243 Front St. Woonsocket Rhode Island Transferred from Battery B

Deneumonstier Gaston 609637 Mus 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Berry Mrs Olive Friend Haskell New Jersey Transferred from the 74th CAC left 23 Sep 1918 on President Grant Mus 3rd class

Stammler Frank  595219 Mus 2Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Meisher Adam Brother in law Mount Carmel Pennsylvania Transferred from the 74th CAC left 23 Sep 1918 on President Grant Mus 3rd class

Hanka Anselm 483468 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Hanka Alex Father RFD2 Box 25 Annandale Minnesota Transferred from Battery E

Hayes Vernon H. 623174 Mus 1Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Hayes Walter Father 814 N. Elm St. Muncie Indiana Transferred from 56th CAC Corporal HQ Company, left 28 March 1918, SS Olympic

Christanovicz Charles J. 378570 Mus 3Cl Arty HQRS CO 50CAC Christanovicz John Father 269 Slocum St. Swoyersville Pennsylvania Transferred from Battery B here.