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Wagoneer Wilfred James Hinds

Pontiac, Michigan

Photo and information provided by Great-niece Diane Zwicker

Dewey Heath visited Washington DC several times during his leave.  Because the unit was formed in July and shipped out in September this photos were probably taken in the summer of 1918.  Many of the soldiers from the 50th CAC traveled to DC during their leave as can be seen in these photots taken at different times, but possibly by the same photographer.  Dewey is standing to the far left and seated in the right.

Upon arriving in France, Dewey noted that the horses and mules were in very bad shape.  He specifically noted how bad the hides were. Dewey mentioned that the "boys" from New York were tough.  In fact, the New Yorkers would make soldiers "put on a pair of boxing gloves" and fight their way through disputes. Dewey also said the weather was always cold and wet during their time in France.  (This remembrance was through son Dewey Gilbert Heath on 8 Feb 2015.) 

​​Dewey Rufus Heath, Sr. 

Overseas Cap & Sewing Kit belonging to William A. Hickok