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BACK ROW (left toright)

Front Row (left to right)

Band Corporal Robert Henry Gasdorf

Augustino Guerra, Milo William Dalbey, Ralph McPheeters, Anselm Hanka, Unknown, Lawrence Cooper Williams, Unknown, Unknown, Director David B. McCloskey, Robert Henry Gasdorf, Unknown, Alfred Logan Thomas, Unknown, Unknown, William Edward Fox, Unknown, Unknown

If you can help identify the unknown Band members, please reach out to me with information.  

Charles Alfred Home, Epifanio John Castellano, John M. Efstration(Stratis), Gaston Deneumoustier, Frank Stammler, Mark Simon Franulo,

Vernon H. Hayes, Unknown, Noel Rea, Unknown, Juho Arvid Virta, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Camilo W. Leyra, Joseph Kohn

photo courtesy of KV Fields of Ancestry.com


Lt D.B. McClosky

Headquarters Company Band