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Every Coast Artillery Regiment was photographed either before leaving for France or after returning.  Sometimes both. It is estimated that at least 12 different panoramic photos were taken of each regiment.  The following images were taken out of the "Story of the 47th"  Written by the men of the 47th and Directed by Captain G.W. Small, Regimental Adjutant. 

Unidentified photo of an enlisted man in 47th Artillery CAC, note collar disc with Shell in middle of cannons. 

Medical Detachment

Supply Company

Battery A

Officers of the 47th Artillery CAC

Supply Company and remainder of Battery F

Battery B (Original Photo) from the archives of Brock Bierman

47th Artillery CAC,

Battery E

Battery F (partial group that came home on Antigone)

Battery D

47th Artillery CAC BAND

Headquarters Company

Battery C